Hi, I'm Kim and welcome to my blog. I love making crocheted toys and started designing my own a few years ago.  My toys tend towards the wacky and cartoonish. I use this blog mainly to share patterns for some of these goofy amigurumis but also to share accounts of my other crafting exploits.

Last year I started micro crocheting ... I make tiny amigurumis using sewing thread and a steel hook. It's something I wish to develop further and I hope to post more progress photos of these wee projects on the blog this year.

Quick fact
- I use the knife-grip.
- Favourite hooks are my 2.75mm Clover Amour and my tiny 0.4mm steel hook.
- I like to work with DK weight acrylic yarn for my amis, polyester sewing thread for my micro work.
- I'm self-taught and learnt to crochet when I was in my early 20s.

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